Black Bean Breakfast Burritos

A fried egg, sunny side up.

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I’m using the left over Black beans from last nites Black Bean Turkey Burgers to make this tasty breakfast…

5 egg whites and 1 whole  egg and 1 tbsp of 2% milk

2 whole wheat and low carb tortillas

1 can of seasoned black beans ( cuban style) heat in saucepan

2 wedges laughing cow lite queso cheese

salt and pepper

1/2 salsa of your choice

Beat eggs and milk in bowl and add to pan heated with olive oil on stove top, season with salt and pepper. Add in 1/2 cup of the black beans after the eggs are almost scrambled. Mix together well. Heat up tortillas in oven or microwave. Spread a wedge of cheese on each tortilla, dived up egg mixture between both tortillas. Add 2 tbsp of salsa and roll and fold up!

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