Turkey, Cranberry and Goat Cheese Wrap

Vaccinium oxycoccus (Cranberries)

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Very excited to make my lunch for tomorrow..Going to use the Fresh Cranberry and Blackberry Preserve that I made on Sunday with 2 tbsp of goat cheese spread on top of a whole wheat wrap and topped with thinly sliced fat free turkey breast. 🙂 These are the leftovers I actually enjoy eating..I call them “Do-Over” because I have to use the previous ingredients to make something new..That’s just how I am!  🙂

You could even do a wrap post-Thanksgiving , using the cranberries, turkey and stuffing..and a little gravy too! Just wrap it all up and then heat them up in toaster oven at 400 for about 10 min 🙂


Black Bean Turkey Burgers

Aguacate / Avocado

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Still thinking of  the dinner I made  last nite after I picked up my ingredients from Publix…Pondered on the way home…” what can I make that will be super easy, but also healthy and a tasty reward after a long day at work..”  My husband and I were very happy with it 🙂 Going to use the left over black beans to make Black Bean Breakfast Burritos this morning!

1 lb lean ground turkey breast season with salt and pepper and form into burgers (should make 3 nice sized ones)

1 can of seasoned black beans ( cuban style) heat in small sauce pan

3 wedges of laughing cow lite queso cheese ( a new addition to their delicious flavors I have been wanting to try…very good!)

Salsa of your choice ( i always seem to use the Chachi’s mango salsa 🙂

1 avocado sliced

Whole Wheat buns or whole wheat sandwich thins

On the side: Sesame blue tortilla chips  and low fat sour cream

Heat olive oil in pan at med-high..Place burgers in pan and cook 7 min each side. Toast buns in toaster over. On bottom bun, spread the 2 tbsp of the black beans, burger next and then the wedge of queso cheese on top. Place 2-3 slices of avocado on each.  Serve with tortilla chips and the salsa!

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Lox & Whole Wheat Bagel Thins

A bagel

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1 small package of smoked salmon

1 small onion sliced thin

4 tbspn reduced fat cream cheese

2 whole wheat bagel thins

salt and pepper

Toast bagel thins. On each side of bagel thin spread 1 tbsp of reduced fat cream cheese. ( I love the scallion one!) Place 2 slices of smoked salmon on each bagel and top with onions. Season with salt and pepper. 🙂

Serve 2 . Add scrambled eggs ( 2 eggs and 3 egg whites) or egg beaters alongside…

“Do-Over” Turkey Tenderloin

Using the leftover Turkey Tenderloin from the other nite, I’m going to make it a wrap for lunch today!
Place a whole wheat wrap on working surface, spread 1 tbsp of reduced fat cream cheese on wrap. Then add a 1/4 cup of canned cranberries (fresh is better, but I haven’t made them yet this season!! So easy!)
Top with 3 thin slices of Turkey Tenderloin, And its a wrap! Goes great with sliced apples ( sprinkle with cinnamon) on the side or a bag of apple chips!

Tuna Fish Stuffed Tomatoes

Tomato slices.

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Take 2 large beefsteak tomatoes and cut of the tops. Take knife and cut around inside around the edges, making a bowl. use a spoon and spoon out the flesh and seeds.

Drain 2 can of white tuna fish in water. Place in bowl, squeeze half lemon over top. Season with pepper and 1 tsp celery seed. Add 1/4 cup low-fat or fat-free mayo. (optional: add in diced dill pickles or sweet butter chip style pickles) Mix well.

Stuff each tomato with the tuna fish mixture and chill for about 1 hour.

Serves 2.

Note: You can make the tuna fish ahead of time and bring your tomato to work already cut out and ready to stuff! Makes a delicious and low-fat lunch!

Serve on a small bed of Romanian lettuce, with Wasa Rye crackers!


Make it onto a Melt!  Pre heat oven to 400.  Place Tuna Fish Stuffed Tomato on a baking sheet. Place a slice of reduced fat Swiss cheese or cheddar on top and bake for 25-3 minutes.

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Egg White Wrap

In pan on medium high heat, add olive oil and add 1/2 cup of  diced onion, green peppers and tomatoes. Cook for about 5 min. Add 1/2 cup egg whites and scramble together with veggies. Heat up whole wheat wrap, place egg white scramble on wrap, add pepper and top with reduced fat cheddar cheese. Wrap tightly and enjoy!

Want it to go??  Place wrap on top of a sheet of aluminum foil and top with scrambled mix and cheese. Wrap tightly using the foil  and fold over foil at top, so its easy to peel off and eat on the go!

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