Molasses and Brown Sugar Pork Rub

So excited to have a “mock” Thanksgiving dinner today with my parents. They are headed out of town to the mountains to enjoy the view and relax. So we have decided to gather today are share our blessings..But that also means I get to have two dinners this week..One very traditional on Thanksgiving Day and today’s is going to be my fun “gourmet” day. 🙂

Last nite I gave this beautiful 5 lb Pork Loin Roast a nice rub down and today will roast it for about 2  1/2 hours…Going to serve it with a fresh Cranberry and Blackberry preserve sauce on the side..( I might make it a bit spicy but I haven’t decided yet)

Placed roast in baking dish

So for the rub: 1/2 jar of  molasses, 1 cup dark brown sugar, handful of whole cloves, sea salt, fresh grated nutmeg and cinnamon, 1 tsp cardamom..placed the cloves anywhere all over the roast, seasoned with salt…poured the molasses all over letting it drip down the sides too. The packed on the brown sugar, sprinkled with remaining seasonings on top. Covered with Press N Seal and then placed in fridge over nite ( over nite marination is always best, but if you do the day of..marinate for at least an hour.)

I’m making Pan Roasted Brussels Sprouts with pancetta and toasted pecans, Roasted Herb Fingerling Potatoes and Croissants with a Thyme Butter.

Thankfully my mother will be bringing dessert! But if you want a great Thanksgiving style dessert..try my Upside Down Apple Spice Cake, sure to be a crowd pleaser 🙂


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